Technical Assistant (BTA/CTA/MTA) in fulltime

Place: The Institute of Virology of the Technical University Munich (TUM)

Contact: Dr. Gregor Ebert,  gregor.ebertnoSp@m@tum.de

Duration: 2 years

Starting date: Earliest possible

The position will be at the Institute of Virology at the Helmholtz Zentrum München/Neuherberg in the research team of Dr. Gregor Ebert. As part of the Helmholtz consortium and research initiative ‘CORAERO’, the experimental laboratory investigates the transmission and deactivation of airborne virus transmission via aerosols, with the aim to develop novel interventions to limit the viral spread of SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of the Covid-19 pandemic, and other airborne viruses.

Your tasks:

  • Cell culture, cell transfection, virus production, animal experiments (in BSL3 facility), flow cytometry, preparation and quantification of RNA and DNA, qRT-PCR, Western blotting, ELISA and multiplex analysis, as well as general lab organisation and management.

Your qualifications / requirements:

We are looking for an open minded and motivated applicant with a degree of Technical Assistant or equivalent (MTA, BTA, CTA, Bacelor of Science in Biomedical Research).

  • Basic knowledge and practical experience in cell culture handling, isolation of nucleic acids, immune-based assays (ELISA, Elispot) are required
  • Experience in immunologic techniques such as flowcytometry, techniques in molecular biology (quantitative and conventional PCR, cloning, Western blotting) are of advantage
  • Willingness to work with experimental animals is a must
  • Advanced German and/or English-language as well as general laboratory work are mandatory
  • Strong team-, communication - and organisational skills are expected
  • Independent, diligent and responsible work attitude, analytical thinking, knowledge in working with pathogens and infectious samples are desired

Please send your documents, including letter of intent, CV and documentation of academic education until the 31st July 2021 to:

Dr. Gregor Ebert, Institute of Virology TUM, Trogerstr. 30, 81675 Munich, Germany, gregor.ebertnoSp@m@tum.de